Executive MBA

The eligibility criteria for the above programme is graduate with minimum 3 year experience in management OR appropriate professional qualification like Diploma in Engineering, Pharmacy etc. with minimum 3 yrs. working experience in the industry .

  • AM-101 Management Science
  • AM-102 Professional Communication in Business
  • AM-103 Organizational Behavior
  • AM-104 Marketing Management
  • AM-105 Financial Management
  • AM-106 Human Resource Management
  • AM-107 Business Economics & Business Accounting
  • AM-201 Management Information System
  • AM-202 Production, Operations & Materials Management
  • AM-203 Quantitative Technique Analysis
  • AM-204 Business Strategy
  • AM-205 Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
  • AM-206 International Business    Management
  • AM-207 Business law
  • AM-301 Entrepreneurship Development (Common Subject)
  • Marketing (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM-302/MK                   Consumer Marketing & Rural Marketing
    AM 303/MK                   Industrial Marketing & Sales Management
    AM 304/MK                   Advertising & Sales Promotion
    AM 305/MK                   Service Marketing & Brand Management
    AM 306/MK                   Retail, Sales & Distribution Management.
    AM 307/MK                   International Marketing
    AM 308/MK                   Marketing Strategy & Rural Marketing.
    AM 309/MK                   Consumer Marketing

  • Finance (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM   302/FM                 Business Taxation
    AM   303/FM                 Financial Risk Management
    AM   304/FM                 Advanced Financial Management
    AM   305/FM                 Merchant Banking & Financial Services
    AM   306/FM                 International Finance Management
    AM   307/FM                 Strategic Financial Management
    AM   308/FM                 Legal Aspect of Banking
    AM   309/FM                 Financial Institutions & Market

  • IT & Systems (Choose any 5 out of 8)
    AM 302/ IT                    Information Technology of Computers
    AM 303/ IT                    Business Applications
    AM 304/ IT                    Business Process Re-Enggineering
    AM 305/ IT                    Database Management Systems
    AM 306/ IT                    ERP Systems
    AM 307/ IT                    Software Project Management
    AM 308/ IT                    Knowledge Management
    AM 309/ IT                    Cyber Laws

  • Human Resource Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/ HR                  Industrial Economics
    AM 303/ HR                  Compensation Management
    AM 304/ HR                  Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
    AM 305/ HR                  Training & Development
    AM 306/ HR                  Organizational Development
    AM 307/ HR                  Personnel Admin.-Applications & Procedures
    AM 308/ HR                  Performance Management Systems
    AM 309/ HR                  Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Operations (Choose any 5 out of 8)
    AM 302/ OP                  Inventory & Purchase Management
    AM 303/ OP                  Industrial Engineering
    AM 304/ OP                  Total Quality Management
    AM 305/ OP                  Production, Planning & Control
    AM 306/ OP                  Enterprise Resource Planning
    AM 307/ OP                  Productivity Techniques
    AM 308/ OP                  Supply Chain Management
    AM 309/ OP                  Materials & Logistics Management

  • Retail Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/ RM                  Retail Management
    AM 303/ RM                  Retailing : Environment & Operations
    AM 304/ RM                  Retail Selling
    AM 305/ RM                  Management of Sales Force
    AM 306/ RM                  Retail Marketing Management
    AM 307/ RM                  Retailing Chain Management
    AM 308/ RM                  Consumer Marketing
    AM 309/ RM                  Market Research

  • International Business (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/IB                     International Trade & W.T.O.
    AM 303/IB                     International Marketing
    AM 304/IB                     Risk Management
    AM 305/IB                     International Finance
    AM 306/IB                     EXIM Procedures & Documentation
    AM 307/IB                     EXIM Taxation Management
    AM 308/IB                     International Commercial laws
    AM 309/IB                     India's Foreign Trade

  • Insurance (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/IS                     Credit Risk Management
    AM 303/IS                     Banking Practices & Management
    AM 304/IS                     Merchant Banking & Financial Services
    AM 305/IS                     Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
    AM 306/IS                     Financial Institutions & Market
    AM 307/IS                     Legal Aspects of Insurance
    AM 308/IS                     Actuarial Science
    AM 309/IS                     Marketing of Insurance Services

  • Banking & Investments (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/Bl                     Credit Risk Management
    AM 303/Bl                     Banking Practices & Management
    AM 304/Bl                     Merchant Banking & Financial Services
    AM 305/Bl                     Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
    AM 306/Bl                     Financial Institutions & Market
    AM 307/Bl                     International Banking
    AM 308/Bl                     Strategic Financial Management
    AM 309/Bl                     Business Legislation for Management

  • Hospital Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/HM                   Public Health Administration
    AM 303/HM                   Medical Terminology
    AM 304/HM                   Organizations & Management Of Hospital
    AM 305/HM                   Hospital Supportive Services
    AM 306/HM                   Planning & Administration in Hospital
    AM 307/HM                   Business Applications of Computers
    AM 308/HM                   Internal Hospital Management
    AM 309/HM                   Legal Aspects of Insurance

  • Retail Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/RM                   Retail Marketing
    AM 303/RM                   Retail & Distribution Management
    AM 304/RM                   Retail Management
    AM 305/RM                   Consumer Behaviour
    AM 306/RM                   Service Marketing
    AM 307/RM                   Customer Relationship & Management
    AM 308/RM                   Personal Developments
    AM 309/RM                   Ethics for Managers

  • Tourism & Hospitality (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/TH                   Events Marketing
    AM 303/TH                    Management of Public Relations & Communication
    AM 304/TH                   Tourism & Travel Management
    AM 305/TH                    F & B control
    AM 306/TH                    Intro to Tourism & Hotel Industry
    AM 307/TH                    Tourism Marketing
    AM 308/TH                    Personal Developments
    AM 309/TH                    Ethics for Managers

  • Materials Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/MM                  Logistics & Materials Management
    AM 303/MM                  Production Planning & Control
    AM 304/MM                  Supply Chain Management
    AM 305/MM                  Inventory Management
    AM 306/MM                  Production Management
    AM 307/MM                  Productivity Techniques
    AM 308/MM                  Personal Developments
    AM 309/MM                  Ethics for Managers

  • Advertising & Media Mgmt. (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/AMM                 Principles of Mass-Communication
    AM 303/AMM                 Media Ethics, Laws
    AM 304/AMM                 News Reporting, Editing
    AM 305/AMM                 Media Management, Development
    AM 306/AMM                 Professional Journalism
    AM 307/AMM                 Advertising, Sales Promotion
    AM 308/AMM                Personal Developments
    AM 309/AMM                Ethics for Managers

  • Energy Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/EM                   Energy Management Audit & Conservation
    AM 303/EM                   Energy Management
    AM 304/EM                   Energy  Economic Aspects
    AM 305/EM                   Tariff Policy & Energy Sector
    AM 306/EM                   Risk, Disaster Management
    AM 307/EM                   Energy  Regulatory Aspects
    AM 308/EM                   Personal Developments
    AM 309/EM                   Ethics for Managers     

  • Agri Business Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)
    AM 302/ABM                 Agriculture Management
    AM 303/ABM                 Agriculture & Rural Development
    AM 304/ABM                Agricultural Insurance
    AM 305/ABM                Management of Co-operatives
    AM 306/ABM                 Agricultural Marketing
    AM 307/ABM                 Farming Management
    AM 308/ABM                 Personal Developments
    AM 309/ABM                 Ethics for Managers

  • Project Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)

    AM 302/PM                 Management Information Systems
    AM 303/PM                 Quantitative Methods
    AM 304/PM                 Production Planning & Control
    AM 305/PM                 Enterprise Resourse Planning
    AM 306/PM                 Project Planning Concepts
    AM 307/PM                 Project Execution
    AM 308/PM                 Personal Developments
    AM 309/PM                 Ethics for Managers

  • Telecom Management (Choose any 5 out of 8)
    AM-302/TM               Business Management
    AM-303/TM                Telecom Technologies
    AM-304/TM                Computer Science & Information System
    AM-305/TM                Media & Communication
    AM-306/TM                Vendor Certification
    AM-307/TM                Telecom Market Scenario & Regulatory Issues
    AM-308/TM                International Telecommunication Management
    AM-309/TM                Wireless Communication

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