IIBM  is in the process of becoming a global, value based, management practice Influencing institute, larger than a B-school, making a difference to a wide spectrum of Indian society's under managed sectors.

Currently, there is no independent accreditation agency in the country. The controlling/regulatory role and quality approver roles are performed by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and the National Board of Accreditation, as a wing of AICTE, set up by the Government of India under AICTE Act 1983. These agencies approve an individual program and its quality. Such role is entirely performed with reference to only AICTE approved programs/postgraduate programs only.

Assessment of quality of management education is a daunting and challenging task. This is mainly because quantitative parameters (such as area, square foot per participant/director, number of PhD faculty etc) do not measure quality of either the program/institute or the processes deployed by an institute in building leaders of business for tomorrow. The qualitative parameters are, by their very nature, difficult to measure and a few of which such as "perception" could be remotely concerned with intrinsic qualitative strength of a program/an institute. This assessment task becomes more complex because of the conflicting interests, aspirations and motives of its stakeholders viz., participants, industry and business, other under managed sectors of the society, institution's constituents and above all the regulator.

In UK, ABE & AMBA gives accreditation to individual programs of B-school. However, EQUIS and AACSB, both independent accrediting agencies in Europe and USA respectively, assess the quality of applicant B-schools as an Institute on the whole and not its individual programme/s. As, there is, at present, no independent agency in the country which accriditate an institute as a whole, IIBM is also in the process of considering international accreditations.


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